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Hi I’m Cody Bramlett, 

I’m not a copywriter. I’m not a media buyer. Heck, I’m not even an internet marketer. 

I’m just a regular guy who’s made a ton of mistakes.

And in the process, I figured out a simple 4-step blueprint that anyone can copy and paste to build wildly profitable supplement offers in record time.

What’s crazy is that just a few short years ago I was spinning my wheels for 8.46/hour working as personal trainer and making wacky YT videos like this! 

Today I own multiple supplement businesses that have grossed over 60M in the past few years! 

And I did it all without a ton of capital, or buying inventory upfront, or playing russian roulette with facebook ads. 

Today I teach that system to dozens of hundreds entrepreneurs like yourself who want to build their own supplement empire to 8 figures in record time! 

So, if you’ve always dreamed of starting your own supplement business, whether you're a copywriter, media buyer, affiliate manager, or just an aspiring online entrepreneur...

You can use this 4-step blueprint to reduce the amount of time “figuring things out” and instead scale to 8 figures at the speed of light…

And if you’re an existing supplement business owner looking to scale to 8-figures and beyond, you can use this blueprint to avoid costly mistakes, systematize your business, and soar past the 10M mark faster than ever before.

If you’re interested, keep reading and learn more...

I Developed a 4 Step System to Launch Your Business

(easy and stress free)

Step1 - Business Setup: How to make an extra money before you sell anything.

Step 2 - Sell Sell Sell! The secret sauce to my $60MM Empire and most importantly, Easy to Follow Templates so you can make your own.

Step 3 - Systematize: My foolproof to build a high preforming virtual team that runs the business for you

Step 4 - How to Scale: Step by step how I scaled my enpire and how you can do the same.

Stop Guessing and follow a

proven blueprint to owning a

successful supplement company

Stop the Guessing and Follow the 4-Steps to Launching Your Very Onw Supplement Business.

Over 50+ Interviews with the experts I work with (ONLINE ACCESS)
Examples and Templates for everything you need to launch
Lesson Transcripts, Slides, and More (PDF DOWNLOAD)
Easy Access to Ask Questions, and Request more help!

Cody Bramlett

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$41 Million Dollars in Supplements without any inventory,

experience, and minimal overhead.  

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